Buying a used car through a Car Agent: what are the advantages?

An auto agent is a professional who negotiates rebates from dealerships in order to resell them at the best price to his principal, who is an individual. They generally have an information network in France and within the European Union to find out about price trends. He can thus take advantage of foreign markets where prices are traditionally lower than in France to offer you quality second-hand vehicles for very little money. The second-hand agent? An opportunity not to be missed!

The benefits of an effective agent

Simplified procedures The agent shall take care of all administrative formalities relating to the importation of the used vehicle. He shall ensure the quality of the vehicle by collecting information on its mileage, maintenance and age. He inquires about the identity of the seller and checks if the car has not been stolen. He asks the public authorities to register the vehicle. All you have to do is retrieve the vehicle and get behind the wheel. Buying a used car from an agent is very advantageous. Choose a competent agent In addition to an address book that is thick enough to provide you with a wide choice of trademarks, a competent attorney shines with his administrative and technological knowledge. You can trust him if he provides you with technical data sheets and legal and administrative information on his website. Questions relating to registration, vehicle registration or warranty are the most complex. If your agent has real expertise in this area, you can rely on him. Choose an agent who will offer to buy back your vehicle The agent who will provide you with your used vehicle may, if necessary, buy the one you wish to get rid of. A competent agent will be able to make a quick and efficient estimate. This will help you prepare a budget. Don't hesitate to consult their website. Choose a transparent agent It is best for your agent to display the prices and specifications of the used vehicles he or she is offering. You will even find his legal notices on his website. If your representative is a member of the French Federation of European Automobile Distributors, it is because his reliability is widely recognised. Finally, a competent representative is not afraid of contact with the client. He or she can be easily reached by telephone, e-mail and social networks. He indicates his physical address and opening hours. A competent attorney always opts for transparency.

Warranties and anti-theft devices for your vehicle

The six-month guarantee Used vehicles are automatically covered for six months or more if they are newer. Extended warranty Your used vehicle is eligible for a warranty extension of 12, 24 or even 36 months. Enough to drive with peace of mind. Breakdown and towing assistance Your used vehicle can benefit from breakdown and towing assistance valid 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If repairs cannot be done on site and your vehicle is more than 50 km from your home, some contracts offer lodging. The anti-theft device Some agents offer anti-theft marking. The chassis number is printed on the windows of your vehicle. This unique and forgery-proof marking is communicated to the Eurodatacar file, which keeps it for six years. In case of theft, the police will have no trouble recognising your vehicle. You will be able to claim compensation. Consult the website of your representative.

Financing your purchase

Maybe you can't afford to buy a used car all at once? Some agents will help you finance your purchase and set up a budget without having to go to your bank. You can sometimes pay your bill in 12 or even 72 monthly payments and pay off part of your credit. used car financing agent
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